An instinctive curiosity to explore form and colour has always been at the heart of Teresa's (TC) work since studying at N.E Wales Institute of Art and Design in Wrexham (1991-1993), where she specialised in Ceramics, developing large scale free-forms, experimental surface textures and fluid ceramic pieces. 

Strong and bold use of colour is evidenced in all her work and this is something she investigated in depth during the late 90's whilst producing and selling stained glass mirrors. 

The passion to explore natural form has drawn her to water throughout her adult life, moving to Brighton in 1995 aboard a houseboat followed by various locations up and down the Sussex coast. She now lives in historic Arundel with the tidal Arun River flowing at the bottom of her garden. Innate love of water and its relationship with light and movement has been a constant influence.

Along the way, Teresa has developed a love of photography as it allows her to explore form and light in an immediate way. As well as natural form, she began to observe architecture, trying to capture the essence of structures, considering them from unusual angles.

Currently working from the Ink Spot Press in Hove, screen printing allows Teresa to experiment with colour and surface pattern, building up images with layers, transparent colour bases and colour separations to create the final artwork. Every print is hand-pulled making each one beautifully unique. At present she is establishing the new technique of posterisation from her own original photographs. This process is a wonderful opportunity to combine her passions: for form - both natural and built, for colour and photography. 


"I love walking with my camera on my local beaches and the South Downs. I've always been attracted to the shoreline, big dramatic skies and architecture of the Sussex coast.
Screen printing has inspired me to use my photographs to create new and uplifting artwork. The process of mixing and blending colours on a screen adds a freeness, resulting in variations in every print, making every one special"   TC




Beach parade, Worthing. West Sussex

26th May 2021 to 19th June 2021



Prints for sale, commissions welcomed. For all enquiries please get in touch by email

Based in Arundel, West Sussex

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